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Get The Price You Want


Business valuation multiples are set within a market-dictated industry range and generally applied to company EBITDA to determine a company's sale value.

The high end of the multiple range reflects best-in-class industry companies.  The lowest end is reserved for companies with poor human, customer, structural, and social capital characteristics. 

In general, laggard companies are not salable.  


In fact, only about 30% of companies offered for sale result in a transaction, and a significant number of those have disappointing financial outcomes for the sellers.

Understanding and executing valuation multiple improvements, as if a company ownership exit could occur

at any time, should be an ongoing strategic priority no matter the stage of a company’s development. 

This can lead to an exponentially higher price when a company sale ultimately occurs.

Shep Burr is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) who can offer advice on increasing company valuation multiples, and so, growing sales prices.

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