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Focus Framework

Kingfisher helps companies identify, focus on, and address their most compelling profit and business value growth opportunities.


In general, Kingfisher’s 3D Findings and Recommendations Report is the first step.  It results from:


1. comprehensive interview surveys with key company players,

2. intensive industry research, and

3. in-depth analysis


The 3D Report Describes the Situation, Defines the Opportunities, and Delivers the Recommended Next Steps to offer insight and immediately-actionable steps for expanding profits and market share.


The 3D Report includes observations and advice on both of Kingfisher's two-pronged services: growing profits and increasing company valuation multiples.  This often addresses:



  • presentations

  • naming

  • management

  • competitors

  • customer capital

  • tracking metrics

  • customer service

  • thought leadership

  • advertising

  • public relations

  • human capital

  • customer capital

  • structural capital

  • social capital

  • product offerings

  • target markets

  • product development

  • product positioning

  • branding

  • messaging

  • selling

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