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Close It!

What is the best way to sell the product?  Who are the best people to approach? Are there additional channels and categories we should consider?  How are we going to go after them? What will we say in our outreach and presentation?  Is my team up to the task?  How is the competition selling against us? How can we sell against them? Can referrals make a difference?  How can we close more sales?


Many companies leave questions like these unconsidered and unanswered. They take orders, instead of selling, or do what has always been done in the past, reluctant to blaze new trails or train their teams in different approaches.  This can lead to disappointment, as they are outrun by companies that get it. Selling often begins at “No”.


Kingfisher Growth Strategies helps companies develop strategies that can take sales to a new level. This comes through a thoughtful strategic process, which can include: answers to the questions above, informed by a company’s business and marketing strategies; and coaching to ensure creative and consistent execution.


Shep Burr has spent his career developing winning sales strategies and coaching sales teams to deliver outsized income and profit growth. Our sales consulting can help your business boom.

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