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What's The Big Idea?

Good marketing is about positioning a company's or product’s key benefit in a focused, compelling, and memorable way, in line with the business strategy. It is the stake in the ground for how a company or product presents itself to the world, and the basis for how it is sold. In order for a company or product to gain momentum, the messaging needs to effectively emphasize and consistently sell the differentiated benefit that responds to the identified need.
Many companies take positioning for granted---instead marketing product features, leaving it to prospects to sell themselves, and being fearful that they will lose out if they focus on a specific benefit for a defined prospect niche. This is an error. Given the frantic pace of today’s world, if a product cannot break into a prospect’s consciousness there is low chance that success can be optimized, let alone occur. The way to break through is tailoring a position, marketing a differentiated benefit, and specifying prospect targets.
Kingfisher Growth Strategies helps companies create marketing strategies that can take both profits
and company values to a new level. 


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