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Growth Strategy Business Consulting

Kingfisher Growth Strategies develops business, marketing, and sales strategies to achieve ambitious revenue and profit goals with transformative solutions. Focus and urgency are our hallmarks.


We work with small- to medium-sized companies, generally ranging from

$5 million to $50 million in annual revenues. Our clients are business owners who are driven to significantly increase sales and market share and want direct, objective, immediately-actionable advice to make that happen.


Clients span a wide range of industries, and so far have included international construction and homeland security consulting, national consumer products, national non-profit fundraising, publicly-traded fraud protection, institutional pension plan fiduciary services, and hedge fund investment management businesses.


When business results fall short, lack of proper focus is often the issue. Many companies end up with too many offerings, and/or they market multiple product features to an undefined audience.

On the other hand, winning businesses narrow their vision and sell a compelling, differentiated benefit to a targeted, profitable niche. Kingfisher develops Big Ideas, helping businesses narrow their focus on the best product and prospect opportunities, establish their brand positioning, and optimize their messaging.  Client results have been substantial.


Get in touch to discuss what Kingfisher can do for you.

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