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Growth Strategy Business Consulting


Kingfisher Growth Strategies helps Business Owners increase both their profits

and company valuation multiples using an immediately-actionable, two-pronged approach.


Led by a proven business builder, eighteen national (including publicly-traded), regional, localized,

and foreign clients to date span a wide range of industries.


These include consumer product, operations automation, homeland security, building materials manufacturing, identity verification, pet services, pension fiduciary, engineering, pharmacy prescription, information processing, cycling, hedge fund management, and hospitality sectors.


Results have been exciting.  A current client says:


"Kingfisher has been a secret weapon in the substantial growth of our business. 


Shep Burr's initial analysis offered 87 findings and 46 recommendations, yielding great value.  His help with strategic and business planning sharpened focus on what we do best and where the richest opportunities are.  And he helped us develop a compelling brand position and slogan, revitalizing our marketing. 


Shep can see around corners and best of all is next to me in the bunker, fighting as hard as I do for the ongoing growth and well-being of our companies."

Our advice is direct and objective, and aims to be transformational.

Focus, urgency, and innovation are our hallmarks.  

Get in touch to discuss what Kingfisher can do for you.

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